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Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update
Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update


SyncroBit Hotspots Join Nebra Family

SyncroBit Hotspots Join Nebra Family

Nebra is pleased to confirm we have reached an agreement to take over the SyncroBit brand after LaunchPad LLC ceased operations. 

This means we will provide software updates to all SyncroBit hotspots going forward, preventing hardware becoming obsolete and enabling users to stay part of the Helium Network.

We are delighted to add SyncroBit customers to our stable of hotspots, following the addition of Controllino/Conelcom and Pycom hotspots to the family last month.

As part of this, we have also taken on a key SyncroBit engineer responsible for their firmware and software development to ensure a smooth transition.

Nebra CEO Aaron Shaw said: “It has been an incredibly challenging period for hotspot manufacturers, but we are determined to do what we can to support the People’s Network and prevent hardware from becoming obsolete.

“We are delighted to provide SyncroBit customers with our world class firmware and offer them access to premium support packages through our industry-leading Nebra Dashboard.”

Users will be able to manage their device using Nebra’s firmware for free with self-managed updates. 

They will also have the option to upgrade to Nebra's premium features and support via the Nebra Dashboard - with new multi-application features to be announced soon.


Why should I sign up to the Nebra dashboard?

The Nebra Dashboard provides extra features including remote reboot, hardware diagnostics, premium firmware and priority support. 

Control your device from anywhere, monitor its health, get advanced functionality and improved performance and receive quick assistance from a dedicated team. 

Upgrade your device's performance and experience peace of mind.

More features to be announced soon. Visit the Nebra Dashboard today at


I own a SyncroBit device - do I need to do anything?

Just leave your device powered on and connected to the internet. SyncroBit hotspots will initially update to a newer version of the existing SyncroBit firmware before a second update will automatically migrate the devices to Nebra’s network. 

The migration process has already commenced and all active, internet connected SyncroBit hotspots should have already been updated.


I have a SyncroBit device which I haven’t onboarded to the network. Can you help?

Nebra can help you get your SyncroBit device onboarded to the Helium network for a $75 fee. This is because we will have to re-key the ECC chip and add the device to our onboarding server which takes a fair bit of manual work.

The charge breakdown is as follows: 

  • $50 for the onboarding fee
  • $25 for our time to do the work


I have an outstanding order with SyncroBit - what should I do?

While Nebra has taken on certain aspects of the business of Launch Pad, LLC aka (for example the updates and support process for miners as well as some of the branding), the responsibility for refunds for previously placed orders still rests with the previous owners Launch Pad, LLC. Nebra is not responsible for any refunds or orders placed with Launch Pad LLC.

All communications regarding refunds should be directed to Launch Pad, LLC via email at or by letter to 358 WESTSIDE DRIVE, SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY, 40165, USA.

Nebra has no other information on Launch Pad to provide. 

We also hope to be able to offer discounted hardware solutions to affected SyncroBit customers soon. Watch this space. 


I thought Linxdot was offering SyncroBit updates?

Following the takeover agreement, only Nebra is providing updates for SyncroBit devices. 

I already paid Linxdot for the SyncroBit updates. Will Nebra take these over automatically?

Currently the only way for you to migrate back to Nebra’s firmware will be to reflash your device. We have a range of guides to help you with this process.

However, we plan to reach out to Linxdot and see if it is possible to work with them to migrate these devices back to our network. If we have any further news on this we will send out a follow-up email and blog post.

I already reflashed my miner to use Nebra’s open source firmware. Do I need to do anything?

As long as your miner is running firmware version 2023.02.07.0-25 or newer, there is nothing you need to do. If you are running a firmware version older than this then you will need to manually reflash your device to get onto the new firmware - and then after that it will be automatic.

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