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Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update
Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update


Infrastructure Migration and Pycom software

Infrastructure Migration and Pycom software

Hey everyone,

Here is a quick update on our system migration which is now fully completed. We want to thank you for your cooperation in keeping all your Nebra Gateways online throughout this process, which ensured a smooth transition.

During this period, your gateways would have received an Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware update, which you can check on the local diagnostic page of your gateway.

If your hotspot was offline during the process or you have found that the gateway had not updated its Firmware automatically, then you will need to manually flash your hotspot using our latest Firmware:

Indoor Hotspot v1 -

Indoor Hotspot RockPi -

Outdoor Hotspot -

Note: after the Solana migration ( on 18th April 2023 older firmware versions may not function correctly and may affect your PoC and earnings. You will also not benefit from any updates from Helium or Nebra via OTA updates. It is important to check that your firmware version is 2023.02.07.0-19 or later.

Pycom Software

You can now flash your Pycom hotspots with our Nebra software as explained in our latest press release here

You can flash the new software to your Pycom hotspots in just a few simple steps:

  1. Download the software from here - 
  2. Power off your Pycom hotspot and remove the microSD card
  3. Insert the micro SD card into your computer or laptop
  4. Download and flash the software with Balena Etcher
  5. Once complete, insert the SD card back into your Pycom Hotspot
  6. Power on and leave connected to Ethernet for 30 mins
You can find further details about this process here -
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