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Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update
Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update


13th May 2021 Nebra Miner Shipping Update

Hey folks,

Last week we mentioned we'd be shipping the batch 1 indoor miners on the 17th May. We're happy to announce they are on schedule to start shipping early next week!

The units have started leaving our warehouse and arriving with Floship, our third party shipping company, who will then ship the miners out to our distributors & customers.

Next week we'll share an update on further progress made with manufacturing and shipping. 

Current shipping schedule

This is the current shipping schedule:

Batch 1 (orders from 26th Jan 2021 to 23:59 UTC 9th Feb 2021)

  • Indoor miners (shipping in March) [Shipping]
  • Outdoor miners (shipping in April) [Shipping June]

Batch 2 (orders from 00:00 UTC 9th Feb 2021 to 23:59 UTC 28th Feb 2021)

  • Indoor miners (shipping in April) [Shipping update will be posted on our blog soon]
  • Outdoor miners (shipping in May) [Shipping update will be posted on our blog soon]

Batch 3 (orders from 00:00 UTC 1st March 2021 to 23:59 UTC 26th March 2021)

  • Indoor miners (shipping in June)
  • Outdoor miners (shipping in July)

Batch 4 (orders from 00:00 UTC 26th March 2021 to 23:59 UTC 12th April 2021)

  • Indoor miners (shipping in July)
  • Outdoor miners (shipping in August)

Batch 5 (orders from 00:00 UTC 13th April 2021 to 23rd April 19:00 UTC - when orders closed)

  • Indoor (shipping in end of Q3 2021 )
  • Outdoor (shipping in end of Q3 2021)

When will we start taking order again?

Currently we're planning to reopen pre-orders at the beginning of June. You can sign up for stock notifications via the miner product pages and you'll be emailed as soon as pre-orders open.


Unauthorised websites selling miners

It has come to our attention that several websites are claiming to have stock of Nebra miners and using the Nebra branding without our permission.

To stop buyers potentially losing their money with these websites we've created a post listing all of these websites so that you're aware of them. You can view the post here

eBay sales

It has come to our attention today that various people are selling pre-orders on eBay for our miners as complete scams (haven't actually got any orders in) and are forging emails using copies of our invoices and email signature. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. Make sure you pay using PayPal or credit card if you buy on eBay so you can get your money back, and please please please check that emails have come from otherwise they are not legitimate. We are NOT selling miners on eBay, and if we were they would be under the account "pisupply".

Known scam names/users:

  • Toby Morgan
  • Jeremey Sangnab
  • Ashley Sangrab
  • Jeremy Ashley Rogers
  • ebay user - amit067
  • ebay user - andsm7201
  • ebay user - tomor-419925 
  • email -
  • email -

We're Hiring!

This month we have three new roles available in our team. Check them out and see if you're a good fit! We're always happy to receive speculative applications so feel free to fire over a CV / covering letter and let us know what sort of role you are looking for.

Thanks for your continued patience and support. 

The Nebra Team

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