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Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update
Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update


First shipment of batch 1 miners - Fast syncing times & hardware issues

Hey folks!

Last week we started shipping the first batch of 1,000 indoor miners. Unfortunately we noticed two small issues which we've highlighted below. They are easy to fix and should only take a few minutes of your time. 

Please note that these issues have already been addressed with our manufacturer so they won't appear in future batches.

Loose daughter-board module

Unfortunately we've had a few cases where the compute module daughter-board has come loose during transit in the first batch of 1,000 indoor miners. For now, if you remove the screws from the bottom of the case to take off the lid. Then re-insert the daughter board into the 60 pin header and then reassemble, you should be good to go. Here's a short video showing you how to re-mount the daughterboard: 

Loose Antenna Connector issue

One of the other issues we noticed is that the antenna connector is slightly loose. This can be rectified by first removing  the 4 screws to take the lid off. Then use a pair of needle nose pliers or an M8 spanner, along with another M8 Spanner the other side to tighten it up.

We're also adding more Indoor Miner troubleshooting details here. Please review this first before emailing us.  

If your issues cannot be resolved by the troubleshooting page then please email and include the following information:

  • Model of unit:
  • Mac address of the unit (Shown as ETH on sticker):
  • Frequency of the unit (Shown as Freq on sticker):
  • How are you connecting it to internet? (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular):
  • How are you powering the unit? (Included adaptor, POE, Third party adaptor): If the issue relates to initial setup of the hotspot:
  • What make & model of phone are you using?
  • What version of the Helium App are you using?
  • Do you have any screenshots of any error codes? 

~12 hour miner syncing times

On a positive note, those that have received their miners already are noticing the blockchain syncing times are taking just under 12 hours which we’re happy to see. We’d like to thank our engineer, Ryan, who has been spending a lot of time optimising this! This means once you receive your miner you’ll be up and running in a short amount of time. As more Nebra HNT miners are added to the network we’ll continue to monitor the performance and optimise where possible.

Nebra dashboard / management platform

This week we've also launched the first version of our miner dashboard and management platform! This is perfect for customers who want to manage fleets of miners from a single dashboard. 

You can sign up here to start playing around with the platform. 


Helium guides & documentation

Our team is continuing to build out our Helium resources page. Many of you asked about security details surrounding the miners and added this page to answer those questions

We’ve also added a Handy Guides section to explain topics such as:


We still have a number of job roles open. Think you could be a good fit? Then fill out the application form and we’ll be in touch :)

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