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Click here to view our 17th May 2022 Nebra Miner update
Click here to view our 17th May 2022 Nebra Miner update

Nebra SX1302 LoRa Concentrator

by Nebra
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SKU NBR-0078

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The Nebra LoRaWAN module is a LoRaWAN Concentrator module with mini-PCIe form factor based on the SX1302. This enables easy integration into routers and other networking equipment, adding gateway capabilities. The module can be used in any embedded platform offering a mini-PCIe slot with an SPI or USB connection (depending on the model). 

Despite its small size, this is an 8 channel concentrator module SF5 - SF12. By integrating it together with a computing core a fully-fledged gateway solution can easily be created. 

Key Features

  • Mini PCI-e form factor.
  • SX1302 baseband processor emulates 8x8 channel LoRa packet detectors, 8x SF5-SF12 LoRa demodulators, 8x SF5-SF10 LoRa demodulators, one 125 /250 / 500 kHz high-speed LoRa demodulator, and one (G)FSK demodulator.
  • 3.3v Mini PCI-e, compatible with 3G/LTE card of Mini PCI-e type.
  • Tx power up to 27dBm, Rx sensitivity down to -139dBm@SF12, BW 125 kHz.
  • Supports global license-free frequency band (EU868, CN470, US915, AS923, AU915, KR920, IN865).
  • Choose between SPI/USB interfaces.
  • Listen Before Talk