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Bright Pi - Bright White and IR Camera Light for Raspberry Pi

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The Bright Pi is a breakout/add on board for the Raspberry Pi (can be used with other I2C devices too - Arduino etc.) which adds both visible bright white light and infrared illumination to the Raspberry Pi, for use with the Raspberry Pi camera module, the Pi NoIR camera module or for any other project which requires bright LEDs!

Bright Pi plugs directly into the I2C interface on the Raspberry Pi, and is completely controllable via the command line, using Python and lots of other programming languages as well. The brightness of the LEDs is fully controllable using the onboard LED driver chip.

Want to use colourful LEDs instead? Well there is certainly nothing stopping you. The Bright Pi will allow you to control any ~5v LEDs using the I2C interface on the Raspberry Pi, so you could substitute the provided LEDs with the colourful LEDs of your choice! The Bright Pi has M2 mounting holes, just like on the camera module and Pi NoIR and can therefore be mounted directly to the camera module using the screws and spacers provided.

It also has been verified to work great with the camera mount kit from Pimoroni, as seen in some of the pictures on this page. The Bright Pi is the perfect accessory for any project which utilises either the Raspberry Pi camera module or the Pi NoIR but just needs a bit more light, in a small and lightweight package!

Bright Pi Kit Contents

  • 1 x Bright Pi PCB (with LED driver chip pre-assembled)
  • 4 x bright white LEDs (high quality Cree C513A-WSN-CV0Y0151 LEDs)
  • 8 x bright IR LEDs (high quality LITEON HSDL-4261 LEDs)
  • 1 x right angle header
  • 1 x 4 way header cable, 20cm length
  • 3 x M2 12mm nylon bolts
  • 12 x M2 nylon nuts (to use as spacers as well)
  • 3 x stickers
  • 1 x info card

Please note that this is a self assembly kit of parts which will require soldering. 


You can find the assembly guide and code examples for the Bright Pi at the following links:

Please note! The Raspberry Pi Camera and Pimoroni Camera mount kit are not included with the Bright Pi.