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Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update
Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update


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Introducing the Nebra 5G Gateway capable of supplying 5G coverage and allowing you to earn (MOBILE) tokens on the Helium network.

Can I mine both IoT and MOBILE tokens with the Nebra 5G Hotspot?

Yes, you can mine both IoT and MOBILE tokens providing you have the required antennas setup with the 5G Hotspot. For IoT you will need an antenna for LoRa® and for 5G you will need a compatible CBRS radio antenna.

Can I mine 5G straight out of the box?

You will need a CBRS radio antenna also known as a small cell. We recommend the Baicells CBRS radio antenna’s (Small cell).

What is a CBRS?

Citizen broadband radio service (CBRS) is a spread spectrum for the USA that defines the spectrum for private mobile radios.

Is it easy to set up the Nebra 5G miner?

Yes, it is a simple step by step process to setup and configure your Nebra 5G Hotspot. We will link the setup guide here soon.

Can I install it outside?

Yes, our Nebra 5G Hotspot unlike others is ready to be installed outside or inside. It comes with a robust, rugged enclosure to protect all the components from the elements.

I have a Helium Hotspot setup at my location already, can I still install the Nebra 5G Hotspot?

Yes, you can install it at the same location but it will ultimately lower your rewards for your existing Helium Hotspot so it is recommended to move one of your Hotspots more than 300 meters away from your current location.

What do existing FreedomFi Hotspot owners need to do to start mining MOBILE?

In order to mine MOBILE, your FreedomFi Hotspot should be activated and upgraded to the latest firmware. Make sure your hotspot is properly attached to an indoor/outdoor cell.

What is MOBILE Genesis?

MOBILE Genesis is the bootstrapping phase of the Helium 5G network. 5G Hotspot bundle owners will need to stay connected to provide coverage to earn MOBILE reward starting early summer.

When will we start earning MOBILE for Proof-of-Coverage?

After the MOBILE Genesis phase, 5G Hotspot bundle owners will start receiving rewards based on the 5G PoC process. This phase will approximately be activated late summer.

Will I still earn for Data Transfer on Helium 5G network?

Yes, rewards for data transfer will be activated at a later phase.

Can I host a Helium 5G Hotspot if I am residing outside of the U.S.?

The Helium 5G network is currently only available in the U.S. Please stay tuned for updates regarding the expansion of the network.

When can I start using the Helium 5G network on my phone?

You can start using the Helium 5G network now using FreedomFi's sim card. More network operators will join Helium network soon. Stay tuned!

Where can I get more information about Helium Mobile subDAO and its governance?

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