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Click here to view our 17th May 2022 Nebra Miner update

IoT LoRa Node pHAT for Raspberry Pi (Multi Frequency)

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SKU PIS-1128

LoRa (Long Range) is the smart, long-range, wireless transmission technology that is enabling the future of IoT (Internet of Things).

Our IoT LoRa Node pHAT allows you to create an inexpensive LoRa node, compatible with The Things Network, in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi or other single board computers. This pHAT allows quicker prototyping as it has the LoRa stack on the chip. Add sensors, buttons and more to complete your LoRa network!

The IoT LoRa Node pHAT uses the RAKWireless RAK811 LoRa node module which is based on Semtech SX1276 LoRa technology.

The board can be configured to use the different frequencies listed below:

  • EU 863 - 870 MHz
  • US 902 - 928 MHz
  • AU 915 - 928 MHz
  • AS 923 MHz
  • IN 865 - 867MHz
  • KR 920 MHz
  • Need more information about frequencies in your region? Click here


  • Uses RAK811 LoRa Radio with full LoRaWAN Stack embedded
  • Communicates with the Raspberry Pi over UART only using a total of 3 GPIO Pins for the module.
  • Supports LoRaWAN Connections and LoRaP2P Modes.
  • u.FL connector and antenna allowing different antennas to be used or integrated into boxes with external antennas.
  • Low power - uses less than 50mA During transmission

Pair the LoRa Node pHAT with our LoRa Gateway HAT

We also have a LoRa Gateway HAT designed for the Raspberry Pi that works with all of the LoRa nodes we sell.

Compatible with

What's Inside?

  • IoT LoRa Node pHAT
  • RAK811 Pre-assembled
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Stickers
  • Info card

Setup Guides

Unboxing & First Look at the IoT LoRa Boards for Raspberry Pi, Arduino & BBC micro:bit