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Raspberry Pi IoT Gateway HAT with LoRa® (868MHz/915MHz)

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LoRa® (Long Range) is the smart, long-range, wireless transmission technology that is enabling the future of IoT (Internet of Things). It's very low power but is only suitable for very small amounts of data. Making it ideal for sensors such as weather monitoring, air quality etc.

Our Raspberry Pi IoT Gateway HAT with LoRa® allows you to create an inexpensive IoT gateway, compatible with The Things Network, in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi or other single board computers. The HAT allows you to set up your IoT gateway in minutes rather than hours for a third of the price of traditional gateways.

The IoT Gateway HAT with LoRa® utilises the RAKWireless RAK833 mPCIe gateway concentrator module for LoRa® which is based on Semtech SX1301 LoRa® technology and provides a fully LoRaWAN® Compliant gateway listening on 8 channels at the same time.

It's available in two different frequency variations:

  • 868 MHz
  • 915 MHz
  • Need more information about frequencies in your region? Click here


  • Low power consumption
  • Fully soldered and assembled. Plug onto your Raspberry Pi, install our software and you’re ready to go! No waiting for compiling.
  • HAT form factor means that it is more compact to other solutions on the market
  • Industrial standard reliability
  • Suitable for low power wireless sensor network applications such as irrigation systems, smart metering, smart cities, home automation etc.
  • Real time monitoring

What is a IoT Gateway with LoRa®?

A IoT Gateway with LoRa® is the piece of hardware in a LoRaWAN® Network which is setup to primarily receive packets from IoT Nodes and bridge them to a LoRaWAN® Network such as *The Things Network. These are usually able to receive from hundreds of nodes at the same time and provide LoRaWAN® coverage for both your devices and others within range of it. This is most similar to your Wi-Fi Router in a home network.

Pair your IoT Gateway HAT for LoRa® with one of our IoT Nodes

We have a variety of IoT nodes that will work with your IoT Gateway Hat with LoRa® such as our...

Compatible with

Installing your IoT Gateway outside? Try this case...

The industrial design with heavy-duty double hinges and spring-loaded captive screws sees the case a premier solution. Designed to withstand the toughest environments, the outdoor enclosure is a light, yet very solid wireless outdoor enclosure that fits most boards in today's market. Being NEMA-67 rated, it provides complete protection against ingress of dust as well as protection against immersion in water. View this caseDie Cast Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure for IoT LoRa Gateway

What's Inside?

  • IoT Gateway HAT board
  • RAK833 Pre-assembled
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Stickers
  • Info card

What is The Things Network?

The Things Network Is a rapidly growing LoRaWAN® Provider that is increasing coverage constantly throughout the UK and Worldwide, the benefit of using a public network is devices that you build in one area of the UK will work in any area of the UK or even the EU as long as you're within Coverage! Not got coverage? You can setup your own gateway (such as our Raspberry IoT Gateway HAT with LoRa®) for you and others to use and increase the coverage at the same time. The Things Network offers a commercial plan but more importantly the free to use community plan as standard.

Setup Guides

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