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Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update
Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update


Unleashing Your Hotspot: Dual earnings with Nebra and MystNodes

Unleashing Your Hotspot: Dual earnings with Nebra and MystNodes

Make your hotspot work smarter and harder for you

  • Unlock the full earning potential of your hotspot with the Nebra Dashboard
  • Turn unused bandwidth into rewards by adding your device to the Mysterium Network with our seamless integration
  • Effortlessly manage your device and track your MYST token and HNT earnings with our one-stop solution for comprehensive hotspot management

You’ve already helped build the Helium Network. Now, with the Nebra Dashboard, you can diversify your income stream by joining Mysterium too.

Nebra is delighted to announce our new partnership with Mysterium, the decentralised VPN and proxy provider which allows users to share and monetise their spare bandwidth. Now you can earn from two different sources, all from a single device and dashboard.

Using a seamless over-the-air update to any device operating with Nebra firmware, you can convert your existing hotspots into Mysterium nodes (known as MystNodes) and start earning MYST tokens, alongside your normal Helium token revenue.

Sign up for the Nebra Dashboard today to make your hotspot work smarter and harder for you.

What is Mysterium?

Mysterium Network is an innovative protocol and network built on peer-to-peer technology that offers secure, private, and unrestricted internet access. Anyone with an internet connection can join the decentralised marketplace - MystNodes - to share and monetise their spare bandwidth. Individuals become a part of the network by turning their devices into nodes, effectively functioning as mini-servers. When users connect to Mysterium's dVPN (decentralized Virtual Private Network) or B2B proxy service, their data is encrypted and routed through these nodes, ensuring anonymity and safeguarding their online activity from prying eyes. Essentially, it's a VPN and proxy network powered by the people for the people, providing a robust solution for maintaining online privacy and security in an increasingly interconnected digital world.

Boost your earnings with your Nebra Hotspot

Unlock the full earning potential of your Nebra hotspot with MystNodes! Now, Nebra hotspot owners can elevate their passive income by transforming their hotspot into a Mysterium Node. By sharing your unused bandwidth with the global Mysterium Network, you not only contribute to the creation of a decentralised and secure web but also earn MYST tokens on top of your regular Helium IoT earnings. 

This dual-income opportunity, combining Helium and Mysterium networks, optimises your return on investment, allowing you to gain more from your existing hardware. Jump on the bandwagon and let your Nebra hotspot work smarter and harder for you, diversifying your income stream while supporting the democratisation of the digital world! Here is an example of how much you could be earning:

Through the partnership, Nebra Hotspots can now operate as MystNodes. This means, in addition to earning IoT tokens for providing LoRaWAN connectivity, users can now also earn MYST tokens for sharing their unused internet bandwidth. The beauty of this collaboration lies in the fact that users can earn from two different sources, all from a single device and dashboard.

 No hotspot, no problem!

Don't have a Nebra hotspot? Watch this space for Nebra’s b standalone Nebra Mysterium Node! This device lets you tap into the Mysterium Network, enabling you to share your unused bandwidth and earn MYST tokens without the need for a pre-existing hotspot. 

Perfect for those new to the world of decentralised networks, it's never been easier to join the movement and start generating passive income. With Nebra, getting involved in the digital revolution is as simple as plug, play, and earn. Let the Nebra Mysterium Node be your gateway to the decentralised web and a smarter way to monetise your internet connection.

ROCK Pi MystNode - Sign up of stock notifications

Pre-loaded Raspberry Pi 4B MystNode SD card

Simple integration managed through the Nebra Dashboard

The integration is designed to be as smooth as possible. Sign up for our Nebra Dashboard to activate the Mysterium dVPN service with just a few clicks. Once activated, the Nebra Hotspot begins to function as a Mysterium Node. Your local device dashboard will update to track both Helium and MYST earnings, providing a comprehensive overview of your total earnings.

Experience Uncompromised Privacy and Fortified Security with Mysterium!

Mysterium’s node software is designed with top-tier security measures in place to safeguard the network and the node operators. When you turn your device into a Mysterium node, your IP address becomes a secure access point to the local web in your area The traffic passing through your node from users of the dVPN and verified B2B partners is fully encrypted so privacy and security are not compromised. 

It's also important to note that Mysterium Network operates on a peer-to-peer basis, with no centralised server that could potentially be targeted for data breaches. Lastly, transactions within the network are facilitated by blockchain technology, known for its high level of security and transparency. Nonetheless, as with any activity on the internet, users should always follow best security practices, such as keeping software up-to-date and securing their network.

You can check out Mysterium’s DOCS and FAQs for more details.

Unlock unlimited potential: Nebra dashboard is now available for third-party hotspots!

Experience the power of seamless connectivity like never before! The  Nebra Dashboard is now accessible to third-party hotspots. Unleash your device performance and unlock innovative features by visiting to download our free software. 

Join the Nebra community today and transform the way you manage your device with our intuitive dashboard. Your IoT journey just got a major upgrade! 

Our Nebra dashboard is currently supporting: RAK/MNTD, SenseCap, Controllino, Pisces, Linxdot, Helium OG, Pycom, Cotx, Syncrobit, Panther, Finestra, RisingHF and Midas.

Premium Nebra Dashboard Experience

Embrace the power of control with the Nebra Dashboard, your one-stop solution for comprehensive device management. Benefit from an array of exclusive features designed to make your Nebra experience seamless and rewarding. With remote start capabilities, activate your devices anytime, anywhere, ensuring they're always ready when you need them. 

Our sophisticated hardware diagnostics provide real-time device health updates, keeping you informed and your hardware running optimally. Experience the benefits of premium firmware, expertly crafted to boost your device's performance and reliability. And when you need help, our prioritised support is just a Live Chat away, ensuring swift resolution and minimal downtime. 

But that's not all - with Nebra, in the future, you will have the opportunity to delve into multi-mining with not only Mysterium but ThingsIX, further diversifying your earnings and maximising your investment. More on this soon!

The Nebra Dashboard - making your hotspot work harder. Sign up today for our limited time subscription offer:

Embark on Your Connectivity Journey with Just a Few Easy Steps!

Step 1 - Kickstart Your Journey: Register on the Nebra Dashboard and Link Your Device!  

Step 2 - Purchase a Premium subscription/License for each device

Please Remember: Each Internet Location Supports Just One Device for Optimum Performance.

Step 3 - Be Part of the Revolution: Register Your Mysterium Node Account and Connect Your Device at

Step 4 - Tailor Your Experience: Configure Your Node Settings in the Local Device Dashboard.

Step 5 - Sit Back and Enjoy: Watch as Your Earnings Multiply!

Charting a New Course Together: The Exciting Future of the Mysterium-Nebra Partnership!

In conclusion, the Nebra-Mysterium partnership is a win-win for all involved. It not only allows users to maximise their earning potential but also contributes to the growth of the decentralised web. By integrating Mysterium dVPN, Nebra is effectively turning each Hotspot Miner into a dual-purpose device, thereby increasing its value and utility of the Nebra hotspots.

As we look forward to witnessing the continued growth of this partnership, it's safe to say that the Nebra-Mysterium partnership is reshaping the landscape of cryptocurrency mining. Through these advancements, Nebra and Mysterium are not only empowering users but are also taking significant strides towards a decentralised and democratised digital future.



Q: Can I use my Nebra hotspot as a Mysterium node?

A: Absolutely! Nebra hotspot owners can convert their hotspots into Mysterium nodes, enabling them to earn additional MYST tokens by sharing unused bandwidth.

    Q: I bought a hotspot from another manufacturer. Can I sign up for the Nebra Dashboard and join Mysterium too?

    The Nebra Dashboard is compatible with any hotspot that is running Nebra Firmware including third-party hotspots such as Syncrobit, Controllino, Pycom, RAK MNT, SenseCap, Panther and more.

    Q: How can I set up my Nebra hotspot as a Mysterium node?

    A: It's simple. Sign up to the Nebra dashboard, add your devices, purchase a premium subscription for each device, create a Mysterium node account, add your devices, and configure your node in the local device dashboard.

    Q: Can I use more than one Nebra hotspot in one location as a Mysterium node?

    A: To ensure optimum performance and network integrity, only one device can be used in a single internet location.

    Q: Does joining Mysterium mean I have to leave the Helium network?

    A: Absolutely not! Nebra will always support the People’s Network. But now with the Nebra Dashboard you can get more from your device. It’s a win-win! 

    Q: How will using my Nebra hotspot as a Mysterium node affect my Helium earnings?

    A: Transforming your Nebra hotspot into a Mysterium node allows you to earn MYST tokens on top of your Helium earnings. This dual-income opportunity doesn't interfere with your regular Helium mining.

    Q: How can I monitor my earnings from the Mysterium network?

    A: You can easily track your earnings on the local device dashboard, which displays real-time data.

    Q: Do I need any additional hardware or software to turn my Nebra hotspot into a Mysterium node?

    A: No, you don't need any additional hardware or software. The conversion process makes use of the existing capabilities of your Nebra hotspot.

    Q: Will Nebra add more opportunities to maximise earnings with the Nebra Dashboard in the future?

    Absolutely! Watch this space for more multi-mining opportunities for your hotspot. 

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