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Click here to view our 22nd March 2023 Nebra Miner update


How to Upgrade Your Nebra Helium Hotspot With the New SX1303 Concentrator Module

How to Upgrade Your Nebra Helium Hotspot With the New SX1303 Concentrator Module

The SX1303 LoRa concentrator module by Nebra offers great performance benefits over previous Semtech modules and can greatly add to the performance and earnings of your Nebra Helium miner. The new Nebra concentrator module offers the following features and benefits to your miner:

  • Low power consumption
  • Capable of higher traffic
  • Upgraded RF front-end chipset (Improved SNR SKY66423 vs SKY66420-11
  • Improved performance
  • Improved thermal management

In this guide, we will show you how to upgrade your current Nebra hotspot with the new Nebra LoRa concentrator module which will give your miner an added boost in performance and earnings. In this example, we are going to swap out the LoRa module in the indoor ROCK Pi miner but the same steps will apply to swapping out the module for the original indoor and outdoor miner. 

What you will need

How to upgrade your Nebra ROCK Pi Hotspot

The ROCK Pi Hotspot miner is the latest indoor miner by Nebra and comes supplied with the GL5712-EX/UX LoRa module, which is based on the SX1301. It can easily be swapped out for the much newer and improved Nebra module with ease.

    How to replace the LoRa module

    Step 1 - If your ROCK Pi miner is powered, please ensure that you power it down and remove all peripherals connected to it, including antennas, ethernet cables etc.

    Step 2 - Turn the ROCK Pi miner over and locate the four screws underneath the case

    Step 3 - Remove the four screws from the case and you should be able to separate the bottom half and top half of the case to reveal the ROCK Pi and Concentrator module

    Step 4 - At this point, you may need to remove the antenna cables from the LoRa module and then connector on the case for the external antenna

    Step 5 - Locate the LoRa module on top of the ROCK Pi board. On the opposite end to the mPCIe connector, there are two screw holes, one of which has a Nylon plug inserted. Use your screwdriver as leverage to remove the plug.

    Alternatively, you may find it easier to remove the HAT expansion board from the main ROCK Pi board and remove the pin that way. You can unscrew the only screw securing the HAT board to the ROCK Pi and then carefully lift up the HAT expansion board. 

    Caution: Be careful not to bend any of the pins.

    Step 6 - Carefully lift up the module slightly and you should be able to slide it out from the mPCIe connector

    Step 7 - Insert the new Nebra concentrator module into the mPCIe slot and then insert the Nylon screw to secure it in place.

    Step 8 - Connect the antenna cable from the case antenna connector to the LoRa module

    Step 9 - Assemble the case together and secure it with the remaining four screws

    How to upgrade your Nebra Indoor Miner

    The original Nebra indoor miner is a very similar procedure to the ROCK Pi. You need to open the top lid of the case by using a small flat blunt tool that can pry the lid off by leveraging it. The lid should just pop off and you should see all the components inside the case, as in the below image. Take a look at the following video to see how it is done:

    Once you have opened the case lid you will need to locate the LoRa concentrator module. You can begin to remove it by pulling back the two spring clips opposite the mPCIe connector that is holding the module in place and carefully lifting it up and out sideways to remove it. Once removed you then unclip the antenna cable from the module.

    Before inserting the new module you should attach the antenna cable by placing the connector over the antenna connector on the module and p it down firmly until it clips into place.

    Now you can insert the new Nebra LoRa concentrator module into the mPCIe slot by inserting the module at a slight angle into the connector and then pushing it down so it clips into place with the springs holding it down firmly.

    How to upgrade your Nebra Outdoor miner

    The Nebra outdoor miner allows easy access to the components inside the IP rated enclosure. When you open the case using the hex screws you can see the LoRa module located inside the case. The mPCIe connector for the outdoor miner is the same fitting as the indoor miner which uses two spring clips to hold the module in place and then it slides out easily.

    Make sure you remove the antenna cable before removing the module and then re-attach when you insert your new Nebra LoRa module. Once the module has been inserted and secured you can assemble the case and power on the unit.

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